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With delivery options to ensure you are on top of your gift game! 

GiftWell helps take the stress out of gift giving. You are busy and life can be hectic! You enjoy giving those thoughtful gifts, but do not have the time driving around to multiple places looking. Tell the team at GiftWell what you are looking for, for who and where you need the gift delivered, all with your choice of gift wrap for any occasion. 

Delivered to work, home, school, restaurant…where you need it we will be! Fill out the inquiry form and GiftWell will be in touch. 

GiftWell delivers to your place of work, your home, if you have a special occasion at a restaurant, to your kid’s school for teacher gifts, or straight to the recipient themselves. GiftWell also ships, allowing for that one-of-a-kind gift with product from local businesses to arrive anywhere in the U.S. Spreading the love of the amazing product that is so proudly made in Kentucky! 




Customize your gift! GiftWell will work with you to personalize the best gift you would like delivered. If you know what you are looking to purchase, just let us know and we will pick it up, wrap and deliver to your location of choice. You may need it delivered to your house, to your place of work, a restaurant, a teacher gift to be delivered to your kid’s school, shower gifts, even a thoughtful gift for a host or hostess, whatever the special occasion we have you covered. GiftWell proudly supports local businesses and that is our first stop when looking for the perfect present. Also, if you are unsure of what type of gift you are looking for, our experienced team will partner with you to present our most thoughtful gift ideas. Start the experience by filling out the inquiry form here



Look to GiftWell to provide gifts for employee appreciation and your clients. Fill out the inquiry form and we will work with you on the providing the most memorable gifts. 




Treat your special guest to amazing gifts made in Kentucky. Each basket or gift box is curated with product from local artists and product that is proudly made in Kentucky.


Your guests will enjoy a taste of what makes Kentucky great! Local product and gifts made in Kentucky that your guests can enjoy in the comfort of their hotel room or to be shipped home. GiftWell offers gift bags, gift boxes, and beautiful totes. Click here to fill out the inquiry form and let GiftWell create a meaningful greeting for your out of town guests. Once the form is submitted we’ll be in touch! If you have questions beforehand, please email us at



GiftWell provides thoughtful host and hostess gifts for those special ones in your life throwing Bridal Showers and Engagement Parties. Show them appreciation and love with a beautiful GiftWell basket. Our team will deliver to your location of choice or to your home to take the stress out of shopping last minute for host and hostess gifts. Also, GiftWell will prepare one-of-a-kind baskets or totes for your bridal party, family members and out of town guests. Thank those around you that are celebrating your special day! Thank those around you that are celebrating your special day! 





Realtors and AirBNB hosts, GiftWell offers baskets to welcome your clients or guests to their new home. A one-of-a-kind handcrafted bowl from a local artisan filled with popcorn, movie theatre candy and popular movies to entertain or a basket filled with local ingredients with a recipe for a true Kentucky breakfast in their new home! Show your appreciation and GiftWell will deliver to your location of choice. 


*within a 50 mile driving distance, additional charge for over 50 miles   

What better way to show amazing Kentucky hospitality for the most famous sporting event of all time than by giving GiftWell baskets! From julep cups to bowties, GiftWell has the swag covered for Derby party hostess gifts or for your out of town guests!

With gift baskets named And They’re Off, The Kentuckian, Hey Y’all, Seersucker and Kentucky Morning you are sure to have a memorable addition to an otherwise forgettable fun experience! 

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