What better way to survive the quarantine than with a Bloody Mary in your hand! GiftWell provides a Bloody Mary Mix Gift to pair with brunch, lunch, or everyone's favorite pastime of watching the Governor speak at 5. The Bloodly Mary Mix is paired with your favorite garnishes along with the hottest trend in town right now... Shelter In Place. These S.I.P. (Shelter In Place) cups from Cups on Cochran are sure to enhance any beverage you need right now to calm your nerves and keep you sanitizing. The Quarantine Survival Gift comes with 8 cups, if you need more please leave us a comment. Cocktain napkins will say Happy Easter until April 12. Delivery options - will leave at recipient's front door. Shipping option at checkout is for delivery.  

Quarantine Survival Gift - Bloody Mary Mix Gift Set

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